Sign for the Future


The works in the field of automation, measurement and control industry is a very important step in the implementation of the system. Maximize the all equipment gives results only when installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, when used for its installation quality materials and accessories and when it is properly adjusted and operated by qualified and trained professionals.

ELTEKON pays great attention to this segment of activity, which provides its users with assembling and delivering fully tested command cabinets with electric and / or pneumatic equipment, installation and commissioning of the equipment,  construction parts or the automatic control system was the existing project, either on a “turnkey”.

Performing work includes production and installation of mechanical, electrical and telecommunications equipment and software applications. It also covers testing and commissioning of equipment in operation and the integration of entire systems. Finally, with each segment derived, the user documentation is submitted to the actual system.

Electrical works

Production of low voltage and control wiring, assembling command cabinets, installation, networking, programming and setup of equipment in operation.

Application software

Implementation of application software for monitoring, process control and real-time data Creating Custom applications for specific customer requirements. User training is required during start-up software to work, and the provision of documentation (user manuals).