Sign for the Future


ELTEKON team with continuous improvement and years of experience with observing international standards in design and respect for the specifics of each client, offering design and implementation of complex projects in automation industry.

Technical documentation is supplied by international standards for each project phase.
Certified Planners, modern methods of research and design, the use of modern equipment and new technologies guarantee a high level and quality of finished project and its current importance in accordance with the latest technical and technological achievements in the world. Projects will be developed in accordance with the law on planning and construction.
Electrical systems
Design of feedback control systems with the design of electrical installations of low voltage electrical equipment include at selection and design of electrical connection of all elements of home automation system (operating, measuring and regulation, supervision and management, communication).
Design and development of software applications for process control (PLC), and HMI applications for visualization and control system (SCADA) and operator panels, and special purpose applications.